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Baltimore City Public School Administrators and Supervisors Association

PSASA is a professional union - Local 25 of the Metropolitan Baltimore Council of AFL-CIO Unions. We are a member of the MD State and DC AFL-CIO and the MD State and DC Federation of School Administrators and Supervisors (MDFSAS). PSASA collaborates with Baltimore City unions as well as administrators' unions across the country.

PSASA is the exclusive bargaining agent for over 600 middle managers of the Public School System of Baltimore City. We represent principals, assistant principals, supervisors, specialists, directors and coordinators. Our members run the schools and the offices that support instruction.

Our efforts drive and maintain the school system. We develop learners by implementing the New School Board's policies and mission. Our members make the master plan come to life and produce positive results. We help make the school system function.

What We Do
Negotiate a Memorandum of Understanding (labor agreement) with an administrative salary scale and benefits for our members
Protect the member's wages, hours and working conditions
Advocate for fair labor practices for our members
Sponsor professional activities for collegial sharing and networking
Represent members in grievances
Represent our members' point of view in system, city and national forums
Participate in AFL-CIO and AFSA national and state activities
Provide scholarships for BCPSS graduates

Important Member Information

Common Core/PARCC
Public School Administrators and Supervisors Association's (PSASA) Fall Conference

Important IDP Information

Tentative Agreement
& Salary Scales
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Determination of Essential Personnel in Inclement Weather
Committee Sign-Up

Sick Leave Conversion

AFSA Video
Watch this video to learn more about who they are, what they stand for, and how they're making education and principals' livelihoods stronger.
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PSASA Member Benefits include:

Life, Medical and Disability Insurance

Liability Insurance

Union Privileges

Travel Discounts

Mortgage and Loan Services

Negotiation of MOU and salary scale

Member sharing and networking

Representation in local, state, and national unions

and much more...

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